Meet the Coaster Construction Team

John Nelson

General Contractor

John has been a leader in the construction industry for more than 30 years on the Oregon Coast. Growing up right here in Cannon Beach he has the natural style, skills, and knowledge to help you create the beach home you’ve always wanted. He has put together a great group of carpenters and sub-contractors who, together, will give you a great ‘construction experience.’ He takes to heart our motto which is “Helping Shape the Character of Cannon Beach since 1973”.

Joel Nelson

Project Manager

Joel grew up in Cannon Beach working with his dad John Nelson, Mike Clark, and their fathers, Nick Nelson and Maurie Clark. He graduated from Seaside High School and went on to receive his associate’s degree in construction management from Portland Community College. Joel excels at estimating, bidding, and managing jobs. Besides helping to lead the team at Coaster, Joel has also worked in commercial construction in Portland for six plus years. Joel has been with Coaster since he was only fourteen years old.

Peter Tooley

Project Manager


Peter and John have been working as a team for over 30 years, which makes it natural for Peter to be one of our project managers. Peter’s years of experience in the construction trade allow him to specialize in remodels, which are a large part of Coaster’s portfolio. He has been a native of the Pacific Northwest area for quite a long time, which makes him familiar with many of our local businesses. Peter has been a part of the Coaster Team since 1979.

Sander Romanski

Project Manager


Sander has been in the construction industry since 1987.  As a project manager, he works hard to make sure the client’s needs are heard and met. Sander is a true artist and a New England craftsman at heart.  His creativity and skill add a special touch to his projects and leave his clients requesting to work with him again and again.  Many of our clients live out of town, and Sander is great at keeping in touch with them so they feel comfortable with the progress being made on their beach home. Sander has been a part of the Coaster team since 2003. 

Kevin Becker

Property Maintenance & Carpenter

Kevin brings the coaster team over 20 years of being the “go-to guy”. Kevin is our man that takes care of all the details to make sure our clients love the new home or remodel. Anyone that meets Kevin realizes his gift is customer service by making sure all of even the smallest details are taken care of.

Kent Cloyd

Cabinet Maker & Assembler

Kent is a true craftsmen; he has a gift when it comes to finish work and creative detail in wood working. Kent can be found in the shop, either working hard on a project, or keeping the shop in tip top shape. Kent has been a part of the Coaster team since 2003.

Gary Wahlbeck



Gary has a variety of skills under his tool belt. When he was 22 years old, he managed an auto repair shop. He has also worked in vacation rental maintenance, and is a remarkable artist. His art includes woodworking, wrought iron, wood and stone inlay, stained glass, and metal work, to name a few. He has been featured in many galleries in across the U.S. in cities like Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and here in Cannon Beach. Gary is in charge of our shop and also loves to work out in the field. Gary’s friendliness is something our clients and the rest of our team admire.

Luke Tooley

Spray Technician

Luke has been our ‘spray guy’ since 2002. We are fortunate enough to have our own spray booth so we can finish all of our own doors and trim, as well as other contractor’s material they may have for their homes. In addition to the trim and door packages he also refinishes furniture and any other item our customers might want to bring new life to.

Frank Register


Frank leads the painting department for Coaster and is very attentive to detail and quality. A native to the north coast, Frank is very knowledgeable about the types of material that work best with our damp coastal environment and always uses the longest lasting and best quality products on all of our jobs. Frank has been a part of the Coaster Team for twelve years.

Terry Gipson

Cabinet Maker & Assembler

Terry is a master when it comes to the building and assembler of custom cabinets and we feel lucky to have his know-how, friendliness, and woodworking skills on our team. Terry has been a part of the Coaster Team since 2005.

Santiago Alvarez

Property Maintenance & Construction

Santiago is a huge part of the Coaster team. We take great pride in keeping our job sites clean and safe, and with Santiago’s strong work ethic, all of our jobs look organized and orderly. Not only does he keep all the properties looking great downtown, he is also extremely helpful with many different tasks, including framing, demolition, and general carpentry. We can always count on Santiago to help with anything. He is a true handyman. Santiago has been a part of the Coaster team since 2007.

Nick Betts


Nick grew up in Seaside, and graduated from Seaside High School. He has spent his whole life on the coast, and is familiar with just about every nook and cranny of the area. He is very passionate about his work, and is part of our highly skilled team of professional painters. He has been painting for more than 11 years, and has been a part of the Coaster team since 2011.

Jeff Jones

Project Manager

Jeff initially moved his wife and two children here to the Pacific Northwest from Central Oregon. He has excelled at a variety of jobs before being welcomed to the Coaster team.  He has worked the construction industry in several different states, including Texas, California, and Utah. Jeff has also worked for Jeld-Wen, fabricating and installing windows, and installing therma grids! Jeff brings to the team a big, bright smile, and an energetic and efficient work ethic. Jeff loves to talk to clients and work with them to meet their needs.

Alex Lerma



Alex first started at Coaster in March of 2013. He has very quickly moved up, becoming one of our most skilled carpenters in a short time. You name the project, and you can be sure Alex will help to the very best of his abilities. He is always eager to learn and try new things. Alex’s can-do attitude and friendliness makes him a favorite amongst co workers and customers alike.

Ric Wiedmaier

Project Manager


Ric started his construction career in Oregon in 1973. He then moved to Alaska in 1985 to work as a contracting officer for the Army Corps of Engineers. That job took him to a variety of places including Afghanistan and Iraq. Oregon called Ric home a few months ago in October, and we welcomed him to our Coaster Team as one of our Project Managers.

Uriah Sheehan

Property Maintenance & Construction

Information coming soon!

Greg Bell

Greg Bell moved to Cannon Beach from the Portland area. He worked for IBM Corp for 15 years and has also received his associate’s degree in computer science. Greg enjoys talking with his clients, and has worked in customer service for 30 years. He is also an avid photographer and artist. We are so excited to welcome Greg to Coaster to head our cabinet design and sales. Greg loves working with his clients at Coaster to find the style that best represents them. He has been with Coaster since 2016.