“My husband and I worked with Coaster for over a year on the remodel of our Cannon Beach home. Half that time was spent in the planning process. The other half was spent with them in our home, and us out.

We had a team of two who were the lead and the major workers on the project. They had higher standards for the quality of their work than I did. With every new challenge, and there were many in our old house, their goal was to help us make good choices that we would be happy with and we could afford. They were always conscious of added costs, open and honest about them. I do have a few regrets, but they all stem from MY choices. There were many other contractors involved, architect, electrician, plumber, furnace expert, etc. It didn’t take us long to feel the trust and respect this larger team had for each other. They were like a big family, they solved problems with honesty and determination. After our year with them all, we are now a part of that family too. Oh, and we adore our “new” house.”

Chrissy Washburn, Cannon Beach, OR